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Major: Audio Prod

Philadelphia audio engineer passionate about every genre of music and how to bring out the best in them. I started playing guitar years ago and that led me to a love of blues and rock and seeing just how much they have affected and influenced modern pop music. Once that obsession began to kick in, I started to want to make my own music as well as help friends record their own work. That's how I ended up here. I love recording music more than anything. There's something about putting together the puzzle and trying to make a mix sound just right.

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Lesson 16 Midi Posted by Mike-Cole on 2017-11-26

Before I started taking audio engineering seriously, id often see my friends with their mini keyboards and think, “why don’t they just record on an actual piano? It probably sounds much better... Read More >>


Lesson 15 Time Based EffectsPosted by Mike-Cole on 2017-11-26

This is where things really get interesting. Much like EQ there is no right amount of reverb you can put on a track. There is no absolute correct amount of chorus that a guitar track needs, it is all based upon personal preference... Read More >>