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Philadelphia audio engineer passionate about every genre of music and how to bring out the best in them. I started playing guitar years ago and that led me to a love of blues and rock and seeing just how much they have affected and influenced modern pop music. Once that obsession began to kick in, I started to want to make my own music as well as help friends record their own work. That's how I ended up here. I love recording music more than anything. There's something about putting together the puzzle and trying to make a mix sound just right.

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Chapter 7 TrackingPosted by Mike-Cole on 2017-09-13

Honestly much of what I learned from the lesson regarding tracking was about professionalism. What specifically about professionalism? Preparedness! Being an artist I know that if I were to ever contact a studio and say that I wanted to record an EP or a single or an album I wouldn’t want to show up to an audio engineer who has no idea where to set up the instruments or has not yet listened to the type of music I wanted to record... Read More >>