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Major: Audio Engineering

Born in Maine, I got my introduction to music frequently singing Christian music with my mother in the car and banging out songs I made up on her piano.  In my early twenties, I picked up guitar and taught myself to play.  From there I also schooled myself in piano, drums, accordian, and bass basics.  I also formed a small band that performed at local Christian coffee houses called Warriors Ink.  I was ulitmately noticed in church during a solo performance by Doug Elder from the Wrecking in my mid-twenties. Doug encouraged me to record what I was doing and got me interested in digital recording when he showed me his small digital recorder.  Ultimately, I received hands on training in audio engineering through Recording Workshop in Ohio in 2008 and Recording Connection in California.  Recording Connection actually paired me with a mentor at The Studio in Portland, Maine where I learned as an audio apprentice in 2011.  Currently, I run a studio band called Plourdias Black where I write, record, mix, and produce our songs.  I also am in a performing Christian progressive rock band called Chaotic Rescue. 

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Brent R

The Best Teacher of Your FieldPosted by Brent R on 2013-02-14

I venture to say the best teacher in your field of audio engineering may be you!  With so much available information on the craft of audio engineering, it only takes a person with some motovation to teach themselves something in the field... Read More >>