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Chapter 3 Blog Posted on 2016-11-17 by Luke Tanner

The thing that was cool about this chapter is that I actually knew a lot more about it than I thought. Back when I was about 8 until I was in high school, my broter used to be a DJ. He always had audio gear, and I remeber him specifially having MiniDisk and DAT. He always would use terms like Ohms, kHz, and Hz. At the time I had no idea what he meant. Now that I read through the chapter all the terms are becoming familiar again. Also, I honestly can't wait to get my Pro Tools. It looks a little complicated but I'm sure once I get it start practicing and editing I'll learn. I see my mentor use it every session and he uses it like it's second nature. He says I'll be there by the time the program is over! I just hope I dont let him down.

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