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Colton Pocock

Star date: 8/24/17Posted by Colton Pocock on 2017-08-24

Hey there! Its been a minute but I've been busy working on my music and just having a daily life. Me and my tutor have meet up multiple times since my last blog and we are focusing on what I want to learn... Read More >>

Cody Baker

First SessionPosted by Cody Baker on 2017-08-04

I'm so stoked to have been acccepted to this program and to be working with the prestigeous Prince Strickland! This experiance is going to open so many doors that will allow me to progress and further my knowledge about producing music as well as many other skills! I look forward to working with my new team and showing everyone one what I am capable of... Read More >>

Gabriela Ambrosio

Loading....Posted by Gabriela Ambrosio on 2017-07-31

gloomy days and yellow days both are significant the gloomy days prepare you for the storms the gloomy days keep you pushing to meet the yellow days at the horizon only to find that without the gloomy days you wouldn't really appreciate the yellow days both have their own kind of beauty more yellow days are loading... Read More >>


My First LessonPosted by Frosty on 2017-07-27

Sitting in Black Diamond Recording Studios reading my lesson of the Hip-Hop program; vibing to music. From the first lesson it was more of "brushing off the cob webs" from my knowledge of Hip-Hop... Read More >>