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Hello! My name is Colton and this website you are on is my school. I'm learning Ableton, EDM production, and anything along the way. My Tutors studio is located here in Bend,Oregon and it is a wonderful studio with amazing equipment. I grew up pretty much my whole life here in Bend, although I was born in Logan,Utah. I went to too many elementy schools to list, but I went to Pilot Butte Middle School, and Graduated from Bend Senior High School. My hobbies are Geocaching, Long Boarding, Video Games and Making Videos. I hope to one day become something great, and spread my music through eveyone that enjoys EDM. Every day is a grind and it only gets better each day. Thanks for checking my bio out, and have a wonderful day!

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Colton Pocock

Update 11/15/17Posted by Colton Pocock on 2017-11-15

So its been a little while and sence then me and my tutor have been focusing on mixing. I have downloaded Nuetron 2 and Ozone 8, I dont plan on using Ozone 8 too much but it came in a bundle deal so why not? We have been taking a look at eqing and compression and how to balance your mix... Read More >>

Colton Pocock

Star date: 8/24/17Posted by Colton Pocock on 2017-08-24

Hey there! Its been a minute but I've been busy working on my music and just having a daily life. Me and my tutor have meet up multiple times since my last blog and we are focusing on what I want to learn... Read More >>