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chapter 5 Posted on 2016-06-15 by Cassie Fisher

In chapter 5 i went over alot of different microphones and who invented different things. Alexander grahm bell invented the microphone.

and in 1878 david edward hughes gave us the carbon microphone and so many more different things like this. i learned about dynamic mics and condenser mics along with ribbon mics as well. i also learned how they work. its crazy to think that i magnet is behind all that in a dynamic microphone! well cant wait til chapter 6! 

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Cassie Fisher

chapter 6Posted by Cassie Fisher on 2016-06-15

well i got to do a mic shootout today! that was very interesting to see the different effects you can get just moving the mic a little bit of axis! all the different types of eq's you can get from it and using different mics... Read More >>