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Chapter 7 Posted on 2016-06-23 by Cassie Fisher

In chapter 7 I learned about Tracking. It went over how dynamic mics have the least bleed and the different things to consider when choosing a microphone.

And that using a dynamic mic can give you more seperation and control on different tracks.I learned that sticking a pillow or blanket or both inside the kick

drum will deaden it. I learned about how important it is to do a line check so you know that all your mics are showing up in the right place and professionalism.

You should always keep your cool when with clients no matter how frustrating it may get. After finishing chapter 7 i got to do my own recording session and 

set up for it. After reording the song the first time we had the singer go back in and record over her first vocals giving it a little delay effect. Then i got to edit

and mix the song. It was very interesting to see how it all works and comes together in the end. Cant wait to do it again!


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