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I recently moved to San Francisco from the east coast. I was working with various music projects and needed a change. I always admired the scene of the bay area and decided to drive out with a friend in hopes to make a contribution to the already thriving plethora of creativity in the bay area.


I spent the first few months bouncing around from couch to couch with dwindling funds and no luck for employment. I walked around the city knocking on the doors of some of the well known recording studios offering grunt work in hopes to sit in on some sessions and educate myself in the process of engineering in a more traditional respect. 

WIthin the course of three months, I've found the Recording Connection and began working for Zach Phillips, landed a job at one of the highest volume restaurants in the city (gotta pay the bils), and started my own project studio and practice space in downtown San Francisco, playing music with some very talented individuals that have been involved in the scene for years. I still hope to contribute something to the music community, and after my internship get the chance to capture and distribute some of the innovative sounds that continue to bleed out of the community.

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Brendan Morrison

Week FourPosted by Brendan Morrison on 2013-05-24

Week four dealt primarily with microphones and microphone placement. I do have a bit of experience recording and tracking so this chapter was definitely informative as far as reitterating some of the knowledge I've learned in the past and learning some new things as well... Read More >>