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Session 15 Time Based-Effects Posted on 2018-11-05 by Margaret Cantwell

Time-Based Effects are really interesting. I've been using Pro Tools for three months, and I didn't realize when I was using AudioSuite that what I was messing around with were time-based effects. I understand this subject better. Terence showed me examples of time-based effects that he has used on recordings, as well as ones he wasn't using, just simply to show me what they were and how they work. To my delight, I realized I had been working with time-based effects. Yet I didn't know! I was just messing around. But it made me feel more confident. I'm ready to upload my mixing assignment. I finished it two weeks ago, but will give it a thorough listen before I turn it in. I kept it simple, because the song I chose had a punk rock feel to it. It is classic rock and roll, so I felt it didn't need too much. But a good listen over will be good. Next subject is MIDI, a favortie topic.

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