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Session 18 Acoustics Posted on 2018-12-03 by Margaret Cantwell

I had forgotten to do a blog for chapter 17. Needless to say, it went well. This week's session was about acoustics in the studio and why we record the way we do. There is a reason certain types of foam are used in the studio, such as bas traps (the name says it all, it traps the bass). There was also a specific type of foam used to diffuse the sound, help it scatter, and then there are foam that capture the high end. This is why recording studios exist. Rooms are built a certain way to capture sound. I learned that there are no corners in a studio room, at least, not like what one would think when it comes to a square room. Studio rooms won't be built square, like a regular room. There may be parts that have no corners, and others that have more of a triangular shape. The shape of the room is taken into consideration. I hope to apply this knowledge when practicing at home.

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