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Hey Everybody! My name is Jerry Shubert II. I was born on groundhogs day in 1988. I have lived most of my life in Denison, TX; the last town before you get into Oklahoma. I'm an hour north of Dallas, TX and two hours south of Oklahoma City. So needless to say...when I want to go to a good concert...I can go to a good concert!

I love music. I love my music. I want to hear your awesome music. I want to collaborate with you and your art! I've been obessed with music. It's been my passion ever since I remember watching my first music video. It only got worse when I started playing music when I was nine. I can play most all contempary musical instruments. I love writing music and writing lyrics.

Most all my music either is contributed to my God or my Wife. I love both of them so incredibly much and I'm so thankful for the influences they have had on my life. Since I pretty much live at the church; and have been around a lot of different life styles, it comes to no surprise that love all types of music styles.

I love to mix music! I've been mixing since I was 16. I've ran analog, digital and DAW mixers. I love the simplicity, complex and flexiblity that each one of the different types offer.

Please, let us mix and collaborate together! Peace out! God Bless!


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Jerry Shubert II

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