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Chapter 4 Blog Posted on 2015-06-15 by Jordan Blankenship

This chapter was big for me in learning about patch bays and the different types of connectors used in audio recording. Randy Wills introduced me to a patch bay he used to connect microphones, run microphones through various compressors, auto tuners, and reverbs. It was also interesting to learn about microphone levels being at -60 dBu, while the pro audio level was +4 dBu. I also learned the difference between XLR, TRS, RCA connectors. 

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Jordan Blankenship

Chapter 5 BlogPosted by Jordan Blankenship on 2015-06-15

I never quite understood the difference between microphones and what some were used for more then others. Randy helped to show me that dynamic mic's were used for different things than condenser or ribbon mics; and so on and so forth for the others... Read More >>