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Chapter 6 Blog Posted on 2015-06-15 by Jordan Blankenship

Close miking, ambient miking, accent miking, and distant miking. All used for different things and some used for certain types of musical experience. I usually used the close miking technique, but never really heard of or thought about the other types miking techniques. The spaced pair of microphones is also an interesting technique, depending on what types of frequencies you want to pick up on different instruments and vocals. When working with Randy's band i saw all of these techniques used for different instruments. 

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Jordan Blankenship

Chapter 5 BlogPosted by Jordan Blankenship on 2015-06-15

I never quite understood the difference between microphones and what some were used for more then others. Randy helped to show me that dynamic mic's were used for different things than condenser or ribbon mics; and so on and so forth for the others... Read More >>