Nikki SageToronto Recording Connection

Major: Recording Engineer

Nikki Sage is a twenty two year old singer and songwriter. She is a country born musician who grew up in the small town of Harwood. She has been singing and songwriting since she can remember, and began singing professionally at age fifteen. She competed in Northumberland Idol and placed within top five, and has recorded her own music in various studios in Ontario.

Nikki began recording demos when she was fifteen with producer Tyler Patfield, and went on to work with Alex Pairs, after competing in Northumberland Idol. She then recorded her first radio ready tune called Rain on the Roses by Cyril Rawson and Deric Ruttan which featured backup vocals by Lisa Brokop.

Nikki Sage has then went on to attend Laurentian University in Sudbury Ontario, and obtained a degree in Theater Arts graduating with honors. Throughout her education at her post-secondary studies, she has continued to write music while teaching herself guitar. Nikki's future goal is to take her musical talent into a new direction and obtain an education in recording engineering. Nikki wants to take control of her future by being able to record her own original music as well as gain the skills and knowledge to record others. Nikki has performed in various festivals and has worked within a studio behind the microphone as an artist. However she would like to expand her knowledge and sit on the other side of the glass by becoming a professional music producer.


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