Located in the Brady District in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the historic Cain's Ballroom put Tulsa on the map as the birthplace of western swing. Originally built as a garage, then converted into a dance hall, Cain's was the original stomping grounds for Bob Wills and The Texas Playboys in the 1930s, and the evolving �Tulsa Sound� became a major influence for rock and roll, reaching all the way across the pond into Great Britain. Today, Cain's remains one of Tulsa's most active and popular venues, hosting touring acts in many genres from all over the world.

The individuals you find featured here are professional audio engineers and/or music producers who have the distinction of being trained in Tulsa's recording studios as students of the Recording Connection Audio Institute. Each of these audio professionals was personally mentored by some of the best names in the music industry, and is highly qualified to handle any of your professional audio needs. We invite you to check out their individual websites for more about their services, as well as to learn more of the benefits of attending the Recording Connection. For more information about the Recording Connection Audio Institute, click here.

Latest Blog Entries from Tulsa Recording Connection Students

Hannah Thomas

Week 6Posted by Hannah Thomas on 2016-12-06

This week we covered another very key lesson, microphone placement.  You can pick the perfect microphone to record with but the placement of the microphone is just as important as choosing the correct microphone... Read More >>

Hannah Thomas

Week 5Posted by Hannah Thomas on 2016-12-06

I knew this week would be a very important section because it was all about microphones.  Microphones are a key ingredient to good recording and knowing which microphone gets the best out of each particular instrument... Read More >>

Hannah Thomas

Week 4Posted by Hannah Thomas on 2016-12-06

This section over connectivity was probably my favorite session with Jeff so far.  Jeff went through the entire studio and showed me the exact signal flow... Read More >>

Hannah Thomas

Week 3Posted by Hannah Thomas on 2016-12-06

This week at SongSmithRecords Jeff covered bit depth and sampling for quite awhile.  We went over the importance of interfaces and how they work, converting analog to digital and digital to analog... Read More >>