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Major: Audio Engineering

Brian Mulvany helps musicians and music lovers achieve the recordings and sounds they desire using varied production tactics.

Brian is a mixer, remixer, musician, worship sound technician and audio enthusiast. Currently residing in Vancouver Canada, he has produced music for bands in both the province and the state of Florida.

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Brian Mulvany

Lesson 13: EqualizationPosted by Brian Mulvany on 2014-06-11

So many great things learned in this chapter about equalization. Some points of historical significance include: William Thomson - the man who's endeavors began the development of frequency equalization Langevin EQ-215A - the forerunner to the modern day graphic EQ Analogue EQ types: Graphic EQ (Fixed Frequency), Program EQ, Parametric EQ A rule of thumb pertaining to equalization, is that it is usually better to subtract than to add... Read More >>