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Week 13 BLS Posted on 2015-01-06 by Mitch Darlington

This week on my first day I sat in as Kaj recorded drum tracks for Kate's album. Kate is the young artist I had previously sat in as her nd Kaj recorded scratch tracks for her new album. The drum mics had been set up from the previous session so all that was needed was to set up the sessions in pro tools. A studio drummer was brought in and he and Kaj played bass and drums to 8 tracks in 8 hours! this was crazy what a talented drummer. He and Kaj had worked together on other studio albums and actually played in a band together. This helped a lot because they have a great chemistry and work really well together. After everything was done we tore down the mics and called it a day.

On my second day Kaj and I worked on editing the videos from last weeks sessions. We found the best shots and synced up the music and video. Both songs worked out great and the videos looked very cool. It was fun to learn how to move recordings into adobe premier. I plan on using this in the future. Great week!

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