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Week 18 BLS Posted on 2015-02-06 by Mitch Darlington

This week at BLS Kaj had a session with a girl who was doing a parody/comedy song for a video she is planning on shooting with some of her friends. the track is called "Girls Blaze 2" it's a funny song about girls smoking pot. She had already recorded a track with another producer but she was not pleased with the overall quality of the song.  She connected with Kaj and decided to redo the entire song. Originally it had a sort of 70's psychedelic rock feel and Kaj changed it to a much more modern electro-pop kind of feel. Kaj used some midi and scratch vocals to prepare the song for a drummer. The drummer from "Faber Drive" was brought in to record on the track. Kaj set up an input sheet and I set up 12 different mics on the drums and set up the patch bay. Everything was put through a different amp and into pro tools. After drum tracking was done I tore down the drum set up and we finished vocals. After the day was finished everything was recorded and ready for mixing.

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