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Week 17 BLS Posted on 2015-01-24 by Mitch Darlington

Day one was a busy one this week Kaj and I came in at ten. Kaj had me videotape Andy, another engineer at the studio, answering the engineer questions. After we answered 19 questions I moved the files from the camera onto Kaj's hardrive so they were easily accessible to make into a video. After this some people came in and had a quick meeting with Kaj about setting up a session to record a music video in the studio. Next Kaj had a meeting with a friend of mine about construction of the new studio. After that Kaj began mastering the album that we had worked on the first week I began interning. This was great seeing a full album from start to finish. He showed me some of his mastering techniques. After this we worked on a jingle for a video idea, "How? What? Why? with Blue Light Studio" This was fun to just mess around with some ideas for a while. During this a young girl came in for an hour as part of a "mentoring" project she was working on for school. After this Kaj had a session set up with an artist who was working on a funk album. I love funk! What a day!

On my second day Kaj mixed Caroline's album. I had sat in on a few sessions with carol already, scratch tracks and drum and bass tracks. This was wonderful again to see an album coming together and getting more comfortble with artists. After most of the songs were mixed and ready for mastering Kaj and Caroline added some vocal harmonies to some of the songs that needed a little boost. The album is coming along great and is almost done!

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