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Week 15 BLS Posted on 2015-01-16 by Mitch Darlington

This week at Blue Light Studios I got a chance to work with another engineer and producer named Andy. This weeks artist is Nicholas Diletti. Andy and Nicholas rented out the studio for 6 days to complete Nicholas' first EP. I had come into this session on day 3 of recording. All of the bed tracks we're done, drums and bass recorded and some scratch vocals so it was time for accoustic guitars, vocals and piano. This was a fun session to watch because I could really see how important the artist-producer relationship is. Andy and Nicholas worked really well together and even though some points they would become stressed out they always worked through it. Because of this the songs were coming out really powerful and well done.

On my second day at the studio I had to come in a little later so I could lock up after another engineer was renting out studio B. This was great finally my first chance to do some of my own recording. Once Andy and Nicholas finished up around 8pm I stayed until midnight and recorded some acoustic tracks and vocals with the Newman69. It was fun to hear myself through a very powerful microphone and put some of my skills to work. I ran into only a few small issues which I resolved and ended up recording two tracks! Being at the helm of the ship was fun and felt quite natural, I think I quite like this audio engineering thing.

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