Situated on the southern tip of Vancouver Island, the town of Victoria is home to 80,000 people, anchoring a greater metro area of over 300,000. Perhaps better known for its remarkable scenery and vibrant tourism industry than for being the capital of British Columbia (much less for being one of the most profitable technological centres of Canada), Victoria is also home to a surprisingly active music scene, with plenty of popular live venues and local talent performing on a regular basis. Victoria has spawned such notable acts as Nelly Furtado, Swollen Members and Hot Hot Heat, among others.

Featured on this page you will find a group of highly talented professional audio engineers and music producers who have proven their abilities and commitment to excellence as students of the Recording Connection Audio Institute in Victoria, BC. Each of these skilled professionals was trained one-on-one in actual Victoria recording studios by some of the top audio professionals in the business today, and each is well-qualified to handle any professional audio needs you might have. Please view their professional websites to learn more about their services and prior clients. To find out more about on-the-job apprenticeships with the Recording Connection Audio Institute, please click here.

Latest Blog Entries from Victoria Recording Connection Students

Niall Vos

Game TimePosted by Niall Vos on 2017-08-03

Working with my mentor has been awesome so far! I have got a couple chances to help record some local artists here in Victoria, as well as work on some of my own material during our studio sessions... Read More >>

Niall Vos

First recordingPosted by Niall Vos on 2017-06-14

The program has been awesome so far! I am a big fan of how the course work has been layed out in the textbook, I am currently starting unit 4 on connectivity... Read More >>

Judah Ratzlaff

Lesson Five Posted by Judah Ratzlaff on 2016-04-29

Brent and I went over chapter 5 today and discussed some of the various models of microphones and how they work. We started by going over the test for chapter 5 and discussing how the transducing of analog audio through microphones works... Read More >>