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Major: Audio Engineering

Hey, Alex Pancho. Student, musician, and audio engineer in training. I have a Bachelor\'s in Music, a minor in Leadership, and a minor in Biology. I am here to gain more practical knowledge and experience with the goal of being able to gain and keep a job as an audio engineer while also being able to pay the bills. Ever the dream for all of us wouldn\'t you say?

My soundcloud is full of early work as I\'ve taught myself Ableton Live. It doesn\'t have much beyond random baubles, but it shows every step of the way as I\'ve been growing. I post on Wednesdays and Saturdays. If you care to follow me along on the journey, you are most certainly welcome! The quality and duration may not always be the best, but moving bit by bit is the nature of the trade.

If you are looking for someone with an open mind to learning, inspiration to create, and a drive to live the dream then hit me up. I would love to meet and work with you, and together we can hopefully make something awesome, awe-inspiring, and beautiful!

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Alex Pancho

It Has Been Too Long & Portfoli ProblemsPosted by Alex Pancho on 2018-02-16

It has been too long. The past couple months have been rough to find times where I could sit-in at the studio. When I came into this program my battle plan was to be present at the studio from noon to 5 most days of the week after which I would head out to work for the night (as many students must)... Read More >>

Alex Pancho

Rainy Day ReadingPosted by Alex Pancho on 2017-09-19

It's wet out today. Hurricane Jose is hanging out off our coast, and it is dark and rainy outside. As is appropriate for such weather, the past couple of days have been somewhat quiet here at the studio... Read More >>