Max Becker-GoldenWinnepeg Recording Connection

Major: Recording/Production

   My Name is Max and Im 22 years old, Ive had music in my life since I could walk and have been involved in the more technical side of audio for about 5 years now since I went out and bought my First Protools setup after using garageband for to long.  Ive played piano since i was a little one and bass clarinet for about 7 years during high school and a little while after.  I am a certified audio technician and I am currently on my way to aquiring my masters in audio engineering and production.  I feel like im more of a technicaly gifted person and at this point am trying to expand my knoledge about the history af music and production because I feel stronger in the technical areas.  I have a great mentor for this, hes been working in audio for most of his life and has been recording proffesionally for longer then ive been alive so I feel like a full sponge after leaving my sessions.  After this program I feel like I will have a large enough "toolbag" of skills and the confidence to put them to use and begin working for myself in the audio industry.

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