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Major: Audio Engineering

I am a husband and father, my two girls are 3 and 1 and my wife is a children\'s book consultant.

I have been playing drums since I was 5. I am an avid fan of all forms of rock and roll and heavy metal, with soft spots for almost any type of music (except rap, bluegrass, and opera.) I began writing music when I was 13 and have been doing so ever since. I\'m currently sitting on a mountain of progressive metal music and I am currently in a prog rock group that has made one demo.

I am currently residing in Rock Hill, SC although my family and I are from Indiana. After years of searching high and low for career openings in music and getting fed up with the cover band scene, I relocated here because of the vast growth the Carolinas are experiencing, particularly North. Opportunity knocks much louder here than Indiana. Where I\'m from its all farms and factory\'s, and that\'s not for me. Music is my passion, and I have a heart for artistic expression and creativity. I want to become an engineer to fulfill this and realize a dream with this as a most promising outlet. I left family and friends behind to make this happen and I will continue to pursue my dreams until the very end.

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Greg Reece

It's Finished!Posted by Greg Reece on 2018-02-24

I believe this is the first blog I've posted since the middle of the Basic Audio Engineering courses. In that time I've relocated jobs and have bought a new house, been in a car accident, survived marital turmoil, and been hard at work at the studio... Read More >>

Greg Reece

The End Is NearPosted by Greg Reece on 2017-07-08

I'm excited to be nearing the end of my courses and seeing what comes next. I CLEARLY need more practice and guidance, but I have been able to find a bit of confidence in myself (or is it determination?) that I'm going to go far... Read More >>