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Major: Audio Engineering

My name is Brendon Parks. I'm originally from Houston, Texas, but I live in Phenix City, Alabama now. I've always been passionate about art and what it represent. I feel in love with drawing, but soon found my true love in music. I went to play in the band for my school, but I gave that up after a bad experience with my band teacher. I found my love for music again in middle school after listening to J.Cole, Drake, Micheal Jackso, and many others. I wrote my first song when I was 16 with my sister after we came up with a piano piece together. From there I just became more and more invovled with music and the different sounds on my GarageBand app. I experimented with different loops and electronic instruments and created my own unique sound as MondayTheGuy.

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Brendon Parks

Session 2Posted by Brendon Parks on 2016-06-21

During this session I watched the head engineer at Pro Sounds, DK, create a clean version fo a song from an artist. I also meet various other local artists and producers at the studio... Read More >>

Brendon Parks

1st SessionPosted by Brendon Parks on 2016-06-15

Yesterday was a pretty good first session. I went over the business and my schedule with my mentor, Ira Doughty. I also talked with the head engineer, DK and the other experienced engineer there, T... Read More >>