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Major: Music Production and Engineering

My name is Ray Boyd II and im 23. I am currently going to school to be an adio engineer and music producer. Being a music producer has been my dream since i was a kid and now im finaly on my way to making my dreams a reality. I graduated high school when I was 16 and decided to be an adult early and now im going back to school to start the rest of my life the right way. My best friend and business partner connected through our passion for music and came up with the idea of building our own production company together. She is currently in school for business management so when its all said and done we will have the tools and knowledge to finally start what we have been talking about for years. I am currently working at Jos. A. Bank Clothiers as a department manager and it is great to have a boss that knows and understands that music is my passion and this job is just a stepping stone for me. My dad always told that if im not going to do whatever it is im doing to the best of my ability then dont bother starting it, and I took that to heart. I give everything I have in everything I do and i believe it is because of that that my current boss is in my corner when it comes to me moving on with my life. Im young, ambitious, motivated, and ready to make my mark in the world. I refuse to look back in 10 years and wonder what happened to my life. It's time i take control of my life and my future and be what i am destined to be, something great !

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Ray Boyd

lesson 6Posted by Ray Boyd on 2013-08-26

this week we worked on input and outputs, how they work, and the importance of them to get our equiptment to work properly... Read More >>

Ray Boyd

lesson 3,4,5Posted by Ray Boyd on 2013-07-26

i havnt blogged in a few weeks so let me catch everyone up. I have been learning a lot about the basics of sound and makes sound and what has to happen to change an analog sound into digital to record it and back into analog so we can hear it... Read More >>