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Hi, I am Fernando Lopez a young musician with a love for it in each aspect. Growing up in my household it is very difficult to avoid such artform since both my parents each play an instrument of thier own and my mom is in charge of a childrens  church choir. As I grew, I too then developed a propensity for music.

 By then time I was in 7th grade a couple of friends and I decided to form an ensemble where we performed Latin and Regional Mexican Music. We were amateurs, and probably still are, but then it was time for me to move on to high school. At this time I heard of a school that focuses in all major art forms includiing music and so I decided to audition to see if maybe my skills surpassed the minimum expectation. To my fortune, they did and so I am now a Booker T. Washington High School for the Performin and Visual Arts (Yes that is the complete name) alumni. There I majored in piano performance in classical music.

After so long the band is still together and we do get gigs every once in a while. It is thanks to this that I have gained an interest into the engineering side of things. At all our gigs I am the one in charge of the sound, so you know how that goes, and so far my ear has been good to me. However, I am just to excited about it that I need to go study it and learn exactly how everything works.

This is where the Recordings Connection comes in. It has been decided that music is a necesarry ingredient in my future so what better way to involve it than becoming an engineer of it.  I am now currently studying in a real studio to become a master in this craft.

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Fernando Lopez

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