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the journey continues... Posted on 2015-12-09 by Pablo Ramirez

It's been a while since I've blogged anything after my completition here at the Recording Connection.

Shortly after graduating, I moved back to my home town, Yuma, Arizona. Thinking and planning on what to do next. Four months go by and I receive a call from Jay at the Recording Connection with some pretty big news...I was nominated for best assistant, intern, or runner at the Pensado Awards! (Air Award) I didn't get the win but that was one heck of an experience, privilege, and honor to even be recognized along with legends and upcomers like myself.

In my town there are no opportunities for audio engineering unless I do it myself. Sure, I can go out of town 3 hours away and go to Phoenix and search there but I've always been independent when it comes to working and doing what I love. So, as of November, I launched my very own mobile recording studio, Precision-Tune Studios.

I'm still upgrading my equipment so everything I have now is not all official. In fact, I just bought my first professional mic pre, the Presonus ADL 700, even my mentor uses this on every project. I'm so excited to start working with that! And of course I still have other upgrades that are coming in the NEAR future for my studio to really be considered professional and mobile! My mentor and I still talk very much. Jim helps me out in selecting recording equipment and still gives feedback on mixes I've done for a couple of my clients. The cool thing is he's not only an amazing audio engineer, producer, or drummer but also a pro audio dealer. I'd recommend him to anyone looking for pro gear!

I hope you all take care and keep posted as I'll be updating a little more on the regular. Check out my website I just launched! 

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