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Major: Audio Engineer

My name is Joel Wolahan I have played the bass and  have been in metal bands for the past 12 years. I took bass lesons for 2 years from a professional musician Paul Ragalski.  Under Paul I studdied several different genres of music.  I have been in such metal bands as Quick Victim and FMS.  I am currently working on manipulation, mixing and reproduction of sounds,   including vocals, and music for a hip hop rock project. I also work at Far and Away Studios in Boulder CO, Under Geoff Gray and David Snyder.  Geoff has been a professional recording engineer for 40 plus years,  David is a professional musician and producer for the same amount of time.  At far and away I have had the privlage of working with Richie Furay, Scott Sellen, Rick Roberts,  Willis Alans Ramsey, David Snyder,  Salasie, Isa and Joe Allan, and many more.  I am also currently working at WMD in Denver,  where I build, program, and test stomp pedals and euro rack synth modules for sound applications. 

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Joel Wolahan

Lesson 9:Posted by Joel Wolahan on 2014-04-24

October 20th 2013: Time in 10:00 AM: Time out 3:00 PM:   Today we discussed pro tools!  Geoff and I went over some basic commands in pro tools on his workstation... Read More >>