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Lesson 6 Posted on 2013-07-13 by Gary Nunez

Date: 6/11/2013

Time In: 12:00PM

Time Out: 2:00PM

Lesson 6

Lesson six and seven are bascially one lesson since they both talk about the heart and soul of the the audio engineer....the console.. We talked about what the console allows the engineer to have control over and how to use volume, tone blending and the mix down. Max mentioned that recording, overdubbing and the mixdown were the three stages of multitrack recording. Although the console was a bit intimidating at first, Max but me at ease pointing out the parts of the console and letting me handle the console by myself. We then spoke about the differences between an insert access point and an aux send. Max pointed out that effect devices and headphones were done through the aux send. The lesson ended with more pointers on how to remember the four bus systems.

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