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Gary Nunez

Lesson 13Posted by Gary Nunez on 2013-09-11

Date 8/6/2013 Time In 1200pm Time Out 200pm Lesson 13 We continued signal processing with Dynamics based: Volume Control questions and anwers... Read More >>

Gary Nunez

Lesson 9Posted by Gary Nunez on 2013-08-10

Date 7/16/2013 Time in : !2:00 pm Time out 2:00pm Lesson 9 Lesson 9 was a basic round down of  Protools and how to use some of the keyborad shortcuts... Read More >>

Gary Nunez

Lesson 6Posted by Gary Nunez on 2013-07-13

Date: 6/11/2013 Time In: 12:00PM Time Out: 2:00PM Lesson 6 Lesson six and seven are bascially one lesson since they both talk about the heart and soul of the the audio engineer... Read More >>