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Lesson 9 Posted on 2013-08-10 by Gary Nunez

Date 7/16/2013

Time in : !2:00 pm

Time out 2:00pm

Lesson 9

Lesson 9 was a basic round down of  Protools and how to use some of the keyborad shortcuts. Protools is the leader in music productions and is a division od Avid. The book states that Audio files can be heard in 4 formats which are Wav, Aiff, Sdii, and Mp3. Although max has been helping me along with the shortcuts in prtools, this lesson proved to be more helpful. For example I learned to toggle between mty Mixer aand Edit window I can simplly sellect "view" Edit or Mix. I can also use command + on a Mac and Alt = on a Pc. We discuss the similarites between recording music on a tape recoreder and doinghte same method on a computer transport. The best advicw I recieved and this day bwas to save everything. Max told had me save my sessions on a Mac by typing command s and stated that it could be done on a Pc by typing control S.

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