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Lesson 11 Posted on 2013-08-10 by Gary Nunez

Date : 7/23/2013

Time In: 12:00pm

Time Out 2:00Pm

Lesson 11

We dove right in  with Plug In of lesson 11. Since we been working with Protool the last two session Plug In was nothing new but there was still much to learn aboutn Plugins. A plug in was an effect that one createds for processing funtions. A cople exaples of Plud In wefre reverb, delay, noiose gate and compressor. An example of a plug in used to make a signal louder would be a compressor. an example of a plugin that would protect a speaker form overload would be alimter. There a thousand tyoes of plug in and a million ways to use them. It all really depends on the imagination of the engineer and the taste of the artist. Plug ins can be used to softly touch up a vocal piece or completely change a song.

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