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Lesson 12 Posted on 2013-08-10 by Gary Nunez

Date 7/30/2013

Time In: 12:00PM

Time out 2:00pm

Lessson 12

In Lesson 12 we discuss frequency based tone control. or the basics of equlizers. There are two types of general equalizers which are called active and passive.  The three common types of filters in todays EQs are shelving, pass, and parametric. The most common type of equalizer is peaking filter curve. Because we touched upon Eqs in previous lesson Max let me use Protools to change an existing mix.With time the use of these Plugin proved to vecome easier. We also discussed bandwith which detrimes how many frequencies are slected at one time. The lesson mentions that an Eq filter that carries a signal to a rise or dip and then levels off is called a shelving filter..A sharp reduce signal at extrem crequencies is called a pass filter.When these high and low pass filters are combinded we call this a bandpass filter.

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