As the second largest media market in the US, Los Angeles serves as a breeding ground for the next big players in the music industry. Dreaming of the opportunity to claim this hot bed of creativity and influence as your own personal classroom? Stop dreaming.the Los Angeles Recording Connection Audio Institute will make this a reality.

The individuals found here are professional audio engineers and/or music producers who have attended the Recording Connection Audio Institute where they have learned their craft under the mentoring of world famous, professional audio engineers or music producers in Los Angeles.

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Checking in with Students in Los Angeles

If you want to learn more about yourself and what drives you, it can be best to study others just as much (if not more) than you do yourself. While we all can feel like the most unique person on the planet, we all have many similarities that helps fuel our own creativity.

Read below to get a glimpse into one of or many apprentices and what makes you 'you' can be the same in all of us:

"I played the drums and have been playing for about 6 to 7 years. I played snare drum in middle school, eighth-grade, junior and senior year of high school in the marching band. What music means to me is, it's simply something that makes me feel good. Whenever I find something I like then I stick to it and music was it for me, that I was good at, either playing it or trying to tweak it or something."

"My favorite band of all time is of Avenged Sevenfold and they just really got me into more of the actual production value of an album and stuff. They just got me more interested in looking more into that and actually be more interested in that part of music. I would consider myself a rocker, metalhead or whatever you would want to call it. I just always have loved the instrument (drums) and musicality and instrumentation of that style of music. It's hard to explain."

"Because I think it was a really good way to make a living through music. I was in a few bands and not to toot my own horn but always felt that I was a little bit better than the people I was playing with. I felt like I was a little further ahead of them on just scale and stuff. I always felt like I had a good ear for music. I felt comfortable about critiquing music played on the radio and always felt that I could learn do more for the track myself or I would've gone a different direction at that part or something like that. I was just always interested in that."

"Opening my own studio is definitely the in goal but that is way far from now. My main priority is getting a job at a studio, to find a band that is getting ready to record or even make it big, something like that. Along with my own studio, perhaps working on an album with Avenged Sevenfold, that would be a dream of mine."

"My style is really crisp, clear sound. A lot of recordings I've heard from bands I listen to are not, they're either kind of crunchy or they're not really great quality. I always like the clean sound from something like a Dave Matthews band, like a more defined drum sound. His acoustic guitar, It's very high definition almost, the sound of it. That's what I like, that's how I would define it. Something that's very defined and separate without having a very swampy kind of feeling to it."

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