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Michael Merritt

EQPosted by Michael Merritt on 2018-04-24

Reading this chapter has definitely giving me better insight to what an EQ is, and how to use it. Before I would just be adjusting with my ear with no idea of what I was doing... Read More >>

Michael Merritt

Sine Wave AssignmentPosted by Michael Merritt on 2018-04-05

This Assignment was probably the hardest thing I've had to do so far. I went very simple with the format, it still sounds horrible compared to the other instruments I've created but none the less it was a very intersting experience... Read More >>

Michael Merritt

Live Show ProductionPosted by Michael Merritt on 2018-02-01

Watched the Grammy’s the other day, and for the most part it was a good show. I said that to say I’m starting to learn how much work it takes to put together a successful live show, especially one as big as the Grammy’s... Read More >>