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Major: Audio Engineering

Corey Rupp grew up with a passion and a love for music at a very young age. He wrote his first lyrics when he was only eleven years old and afterward discovered that this was truly what he wanted to with his life. Over the years Corey began to build a very good local buzz with his music, which is hip-hop and as the years began to progress he went from recording in a makeshift studio to finally being able to build his own project studio alongside his label mate and fellow hip-hop artist KONspiracy which is also his cousin. Corey and his cousin began building up their own label called Divine Entertainment an independent label that they share ownership of and hope to one day make into a full running and recognizable name in the industry. Several years later Corey who goes under the rap alias 12 not only released his first solo studio album but also did his first live show at Broadway Joes on Main street in Buffalo New York with his cousin on stage with him and T-Shirts with their labels name being worn by fans in attendance. The buzz from that show was tremendous and in the next few months 12 and KONspiracy as they were called dropped their first collaboration hip-hop album called The Hype is Real and landed another show at Broadway Joes, this time with the headlining slot and a very big buzz began to follow them including their new T-Shirt designs which began to get their name out there even more being emblazoned on the chests of their fans all over the city. Several months later they did another live show at the SoundLab on Pearl Street in Buffalo and that's when Corey decided that it was time for him to not only stay as an artist but begin learning the inner workings of audio engineering and music production as well. Corey joined the Recording Connection program and is now taking his lessons and learning hands on in The Loft studio in Cheektowaga, New York under the guidance of talented and well rounded music producer and digital video producer Jim Sommers whose extensive knowledge and time in the industry made him a perfect canidate for Corey to learn under. Coreys hope is that the Recording Connection program will give him the experience he needs to apply it to his own music label and help make its mark in the industry someday soon. Along with that Corey hopes to learn beatmaking as it is an essential tool in the hip-hop music side of things to be able to have that talent. The main dream Corey hopes however is to one day be able to open the doors of his own professional studio, much like his mentors and be able to use his ears, eyes, knowledge, and love for the music game to guide and produce for artists of all different genres applying everything he has attained from not only the Recording Connection program, but from his own hands on experiences as well.


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Corey Rupp

The Riviera Theatre Posted by Corey Rupp on 2012-07-25

June 29th 2012 & July 1st 2012     What a great experience we had these two days! My mentor Jim Sommers and I were asked by head of Nickel City Opera Valerian Ruminsky to do all the sound and footage of the La Boheme Opera at the Riviera Theatre in Tonowanda New York... Read More >>