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John Tanico

Lesson 3 - ComfortPosted by John Tanico on 2013-04-29

  Dates of Sessions: 4/22-4/23 Time In: 10AM Time Out: 2PM Lesson #: 3      So after finishing my third week at Quad Recording Studios, I can now say that I am completely comfortable with the surroundings, methods, and rules of this studio... Read More >>

John Tanico

Lesson 2 - Getting Into It NowPosted by John Tanico on 2013-04-23

Dates of Sessions: 4/15-4/16 Time In: 10AM Time Out: 2PM Lesson #: 2      Lesson two started out a bit boring to me but by the end of the lesson I understood why studio design and acoustics is such an important part of the recording industry... Read More >>