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Major: Audio Engineer/Producer

I have surrouned myself with music since I was very young.  I started on drums in the Fifth Grade and moved onto guitar quickly after which became my main passion.  Once I learned guitar and took some lessons over the years I quickly learned song structure, music theory, and how to transpose things I had learned onto other instruments.  Within my years of playing music I have learned how to play multiple genres of music and taught myself a few things about production.  I quickly became interested in Electronic Music Production and started to produce my own house, electro, hip hop, and rock music through the use of Propellorhead's Reason 5.  This then pushed me to learn more about music production and expand my skills, not only as an artist, but also as a producer.  I don't focus on one single genre of music which makes my skills and knowledge versatile with that of other competition and I will go to any lengths to succeed within the music business as an artist or music producer/audio engineer.

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Shane Reimer

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