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Major: Audio Engineering

My name is Tyshawn.. I am a young artist who goes by the name of \"Truth\" I am takeing the audio engineering course to learn as much as i can, to help me take my carreer to the next level. You can check me out by my youtube videos, webisodes, etc under the channel of \"Tyshawn the God\". Also, you can find me on soundcloud under the cannel \"Truth da God\" i have experience peforming and writeing my own music. I also have a variety of producers and camera men that i work with if anyone needs help finding the right beat or director. I do most of my promoteing on INSTAGRAM. @th3r3al_truth

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Tyshawn Hargrove

Chapter 10Posted by Tyshawn Hargrove on 2015-04-22

This chapter was very detailed and could be kind of confuseing without watching the video tutorials provided. I got a lot out of this information and am eager to start my first pro tools assignment... Read More >>

Tyshawn Hargrove

Tyshawn Hargrove Chapt9Posted by Tyshawn Hargrove on 2015-04-20

In this chapter i got more detailed and very helpful information on the actual protools functionalities. It helped me a lot now that i have the actual program i feel like i have an idea on howto operate it now! I learned about the mix and edit windows and hat some of the more important tools and modes do in certain situations... Read More >>