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Tyshawn Hargrove

Chapter 10Posted by Tyshawn Hargrove on 2015-04-22

This chapter was very detailed and could be kind of confuseing without watching the video tutorials provided. I got a lot out of this information and am eager to start my first pro tools assignment... Read More >>

Tyshawn Hargrove

Tyshawn Hargrove Chapt9Posted by Tyshawn Hargrove on 2015-04-20

In this chapter i got more detailed and very helpful information on the actual protools functionalities. It helped me a lot now that i have the actual program i feel like i have an idea on howto operate it now! I learned about the mix and edit windows and hat some of the more important tools and modes do in certain situations... Read More >>

Tyshawn Hargrove

Chapt 8Posted by Tyshawn Hargrove on 2015-03-08

In this chapter i learned about the pro tools program the most so far. Ive always been around pro tools with my mentor and before i even met him because im a musical artist, but this chapter definately taught me something new... Read More >>