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Major: Audio Engineering

My name is Nathan Cunningham and I am studying to be a professional audio engineer. Growing up I have always been surrounded by music and it has affected the way my day to day life in many ways. My parents either would always be playing music or listening to it, whether that was classical, gospel or even classic rock and I grew to appreciate and enjoy it in my own time. Eventually as I grew older I noticed I had a talent for the drums and being very rhythmic in that aspect. I have had experience being recorded on the drums but I look forward to being on the other side of the glass and actually doing the recording, mixing and mastering myself. I plan to be the best I can be in my field and allow others to be able to have their own music produced through me that can change the lives of others. It's not necessarily about me but what I can do for others when it comes to this profession and I value that very highly.


A little bit of information just for fun... 

I am a proud drummer and I enjoy playing genres such as jazz, pop, funk, rock (including classic and heavy) and even the more techno/dubstep related genres and have been playing for over 5 years.

I enjoy listening to Classical and Orchestral music as well and am a huge fan of gaming music and figuring out what all is involved when it comes to this complex specific genre. The top favorite soundtracks from video games of mine are Halo, Skyrim and The Last Of Us. I myself am a gamer as well and realize the importance of music when it comes to video games. Music in video games allows the player to be fully immersed in the game and bring a sense of emotion and feeling to the player, even though he actually is not in the game itself.

I also am a fan of hiking, disc golf, ultimate frisbee and running and even a bit of cooking (even though I am not the greatest at it.) These are great outlets when it comes to enjoying my free time and I even think of different things I want to do when it comes to beats or some sort of jingle when I'm out and about. 

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