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Nicholas Casas

Chapter 5 NotesPosted by Nicholas Casas on 2017-11-22

Chapter 5 Notes The sound of a microphone is illustrated by its frequency response curve. The frequency response defines the range of a sound a mic can reproduce & how sensitive that mic is within that range... Read More >>

Gabriel Miramontes

3rd week at the studioPosted by Gabriel Miramontes on 2017-05-19

Whats up guys just finished my 3rd week at the studio and the learning curve continues to rise. Luckily piper has been extremely helpfull by explaining all the questions I have as well as recommend readings and key components to research! She also continues to gradually get me aquainted with the studio and make sure my head isnt spinning as fast as it was the week before... Read More >>

Nicholas Casas

Chapter 4 NotesPosted by Nicholas Casas on 2017-01-12

Chapter 4 Notes Signal Flow: The path a signal takes from beginning to end. As sound engineers we must know how to hold the integrity of a signal flow and make sure to adjust important factors on every aspect... Read More >>