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Major: Audio Engineer

Derek Simpkins (Virt Gusto), formally know as Fashow, was born in Fresno CA in the summer of 1988. Wile pregnant, his mother and father decided to move to California from Maryland. At a early age he gained a natural feel for music. By 3 years old he was sneaking into the kitchen to pull out all the pots and pans so he can bang on them like drums with wooden spoons. Though he was raised on classical rock, he also was exposed to alot of soul and funk. It was early 90s Hip Hop and R&b that really planted the seeds in his head, and by 1997 he was writing his own raps. With a father that plays guitar, and a friend of the family who played drums and keyboard,he gained a need to pick up an instrument and make melodies since he always had a rhythm in his head. At 15 his long time friend introduced him to a studio program that he learned on his own fueled by a determination and drive to get his foot in the Hip Hop scene. By 19 he started recording himself and writing songs constantly wile working a 9 to 5. Faultline ENT, a San Diego bases independent label added him to the roster around 2009. With the help from 2 of the founding members ( D Boy P Chase & Garth Grizz) Fashow was gamed up and taught the ins and outs on how to be a independent artist. After paying dues, recording and opening up for well know artists, all at the same time experiencing what it takes to be successful at this art form, his understanding and new found path is clear. The transition from Fashow to Virt Gusto has begun!!!!

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Derek Simpkins (VIRT GUSTO)

When dreams come true.Posted by Derek Simpkins (VIRT GUSTO) on 2016-09-14

I have watched talented artists and producers in the independent game struggle to make it for years. I have witnessed artists that i affiliate with spend thousands of dollars on A list features, beats/production, graphic design and CDs pressed, tee shirts and video production, and putting together some of the biggest concerts in San Diego at the best venues... Read More >>