Isbela GelnettPittsburgh Recording Connection

Major: Music Production and Audio Engineering

I am a musician who enjoys the process of Music Production. I play guitar, drums, piano but mostly focus on vocals. Right before I finished high school I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to study in college but I knew that I wanted to play music. I started researching schools with heavy music majors but non of them seemed to fit exactly what I was looking for.

I eventually ran into Full Sail University, NYU's Tisch School of The Arts and Recording Connection. Full Sail and Tisch were both out of my price range and RRF was just perfect. I was put in a studio exactly 5 minutes away from where I lived with a mentor who is just crazy talented and so knowledgable about everything in the music industry.

Studying under a real professional inside a real studio gave me the experience and knowledge that I needed to kickstart my career as a Producer/Engineer. 

I love being able to create exactly what an artist needs through music. 

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