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Major: Audio Production/Engineering

After 31 years of life on Earth, I am on my path of creating music fulltime. Being the youngest of 5 siblings, I was blessed to grow up in a musical household. My eldest brother Kurt bought me my first acoustic guitar when I was 10 years old. At the same time of learning the new grunge songs of the 90\'s, I got into hip hop and techno, which was the inspiration behind my learning to beatbox. 

Where do I see myself when I am 75 years old? Doing what I am doing today! Learning new instruments, writing songs for myself and others, making jingles for local/global businesses and sound scoring. Yes, of course I will be going for long walks on the beach, skiing and climbing mountains, but music will always be my main focus. 

To be learning from Steve Sundholm is a dream come true! I recommend Recording Connection to anyone looking for a real foot in the door. 

See you out there! 


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Dan Beigel

Blog 17-AutomationPosted by Dan Beigel on 2016-04-17

When it comes to Automation, I use a lot of one knob filter. It adds life to sounds that may on their own sound flat. Sometimes it just takes bringing the high frequencies down for the verse and up for the chorus, or whatever the song wants the filter to do... Read More >>