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Constantly learning Posted on 2016-05-02 by Nigel Dean

It's quite remarkable how the world is always teaching you something new. It's almost as if it reciprocates the energy you put forth by providing you clues towards your goal and leaves it up to you to put the pieces together. I say this because I feel like I have been putting the pieces of the puzzle together more and more lately. When I last wrote I talked about how excited I was with the new recorded vocal we did with the track. I had had a feeling that the completion of the song was near now that I had acquired the vocals that I needed, but upon returning to the studio this week to edit them, my whole perception changed. I was deeply unsatisfied with the vocals. Perhaps I was just in the spirit when we had recorded them that I hadn't noticed the lack of energy when she sang. When I sat down in front the computer trying to mix the takes together nothing was more evident to me than the fact that her vocal was not the one for the track. One can imagine the disappointment of being put back at square one in trying to find a new vocalist. It's quite frustrating. I've decided for the time being that I will put this project on the side until I am ready to return to it and in the mean time focus on other projects as well as trying to find a professional vocalist to work with the next time I try to record this track. On a brighter note, I have lots coming up that fit the puzzle in a more postive aspect. This last Saturday I had the privalege of attending Life in Color which hosted 3lau, Audien, and Grandtheft among some other local aritists. It was a phenomenal experience which provided me with a lot of inspiration for both my projects and my DJ sets. Coming up this Thursday I have an opening gig at a new club opening up called Myst. The event takes place on May 5 as titled Cinco De Drinko. I am especially excited for this set because it will allow me to demonstrate my talent in front of some of the promoters and booker of some of the biggest clubs in San Diego. If all goes accoring to plan, there will be many more gigs awaiting. This set will also be particulary fun for me since I'll be allowed to play the kind of music that I like to play without having to conform to playing mainstream garbage that you hear on the radio. I plan on playing a full on Deep/Future house set, a perfect playlist for an opening show. It will also be the first time that I've ever played a live gig using CDJs. This part I admit I'm a little nervous about since I'm used to using Traktor, but at the same time, I'm going to annihilate this set people are going to leave thinking "why the hell did this guy open?" In truth the CDJs will be an easy feat since I'll be mixing using serato. I'm as pumped as I've ever been. 

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