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Major: Audio Enenieering

My name is Aaron Reyes aka "Reyez". I am a hip-hop artist born and raised in San Jose. I am half of the Group "Backfield" (The other half is DJ CydeGrin). i have been writting music and colabing with other artrist for about 2 years now and preforming shows for about a year and a half. I have been to sactown, San Fransico, Oakland, Salinas and Reno and afew other place. I am here at recording connection to better understand the music i make and how to make so i can be a better ARTIST at the end of the day. I also play the saxaphone in my spare time and love jammin out with other artist.

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Aaron Reyes

2nd Lesson Posted by Aaron Reyes on 2017-01-17

The 2nd lession was actually pretty dope. It wasnt anything new it was just differant things that i kinda knew about. Such as, Voltage,Whats, current, ohmz, how to mesure, convert and confuct the electowaves... Read More >>