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Major: Audio Engineering

Tim Schumann

Recording Engineer

My name is Tim Schumann. I have been working with digital audio since 2009 since I begain DJing on Pioneer CDJ's. Soon after that I began engineering and producing my own music, and building a home studio in the process. I have experience on multiple DAWs including Ableton, Pro Tools, and Reason. 

I have an extensive knowledge of Virtual VST plug ins and have acquired a good amount of them my self. On top of my experience using the standard DAW instruments and effects I have extended my skill set to include Synthesizer VST's such as Massive, Nexxus 2, Sylenth, and more. I have also spent time learning to use Izotopes mixing software Alloy 2, and their Mastering Suite Ozone 5. I have also had experience using a wide range of Waves Equalizers, Compressors, and Limiters due to my time Interning at TrackStar Studios.

Through my time at the studio i Have already engineered 3 recording sessions for vocalists Nova and Lisa Sanders. And in my own time I have released a 2 track E.P. on Only The Best Records International, A record label based in Milan Spain.

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Tim Schumann II

Week 1 BlogPosted by Tim Schumann II on 2013-08-30

Learned routing in studio very simple to understand enjoyed it a lot.  When choosing a channel on a mixer selct interface and selected channel refers to same channel on router and preamp/compressor   Started learning pro tools shortcuts... Read More >>