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Kalen Jankoski

Chapter 5 Posted by Kalen Jankoski on 2014-05-07

In chapter 5 I learned the history of microphones and who were some of the pioneers of mic's.  I learn't the difference between different polar patterns and what directions they pick up in... Read More >>

Kalen Jankoski

Chapter 4Posted by Kalen Jankoski on 2014-04-24

Today I was in the studio and we worked on a YTV commercial for Big Fun Movies out of Toronto. This Chapter it focused on connectivity and how the signals are transfered through the studio into the computer... Read More >>

Kalen Jankoski

Chapter 3Posted by Kalen Jankoski on 2014-03-27

Digital Audio!  sample rate, bit depth are all words I have heard before but never knew what they meant.  In chapter 3 it takes a look at the process of how analog audio is converted into a digital signal... Read More >>